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Earn extra income and improve yields with our market‑leading carbon program

Why Carbon by Indigo?

Large companies looking to offset their environmental impact are searching for carbon credits of the highest quality. They're turning to agriculture for purchase credits that support farmers in transitioning toward farming practices that reduce emissions and enrich the soil.

Carbon by Indigo has the technology, support, and partnerships that enable farmers like you to generate high quality carbon credits that companies want to buy.

Sign up for Carbon by Indigo (for free!), and get connected with companies who want to buy the credits you generate

Hundreds of farmers like you have already received initial payments for carbon credits!

How does Carbon by Indigo work?

Carbon by Indigo connects growers to additional sources of income by helping them sell highly-sought agricultural carbon credits. Indigo determines the credits generated on the farm via cutting edge soil science and technology so growers can focus on the health of their soil and business.

1: Adopt a new practice

Kick off by informing Indigo on which fields you have recently implemented or plan to implement new carbon farming practices. Indigo will provide the support you need as you move through the growing season.

2: Report what you did

Next you will report on your historic and current field management practices. Indigo will take the records and calculate how much carbon has been sequestered.

3: Verify results

Indigo works with independent carbon credit verifiers and issuers to ensure the credits you generate abide by the highest industry standards, making them especially appealing to selective buyers.

4: Get paid

Finally, Indigo sells the verified carbon credits after they are issued and pays you for the carbon credits you generated.

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Who is eligible?

In order to participate in Carbon by Indigo growers must meet certain eligibility requirements.

You plan to add or advance a carbon farming practice (or have recently). 

You grow a currently-supported crop. 

You grow in an Indigo-supported state. 

You provide the required information by deadlines. 

Your land does not fall into certain uncommon ineligible categories. 

Not ready to sign up but would like to learn more?
Eager to learn more?

We know carbon farming may be a big undertaking for you and your business, and we want to help you succeed. If you have questions, let’s talk.

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Benefits Background

What are the benefits?

The potential benefits to joining Carbon by Indigo impact both your soil health and your bottom line. Watch how one grower started using carbon farming practices on his path to profitability.

Improve soil health

Improve water availability during drought

Reduce erosion and retain more nitrogen

Improve field accessibility

Improve weed and disease control

Improve profitability

Gain a new source of revenue with Carbon by Indigo payments

Reduce herbicide and fertilizer input costs with more resilient soil

Reduce fuel usage costs from tillage passes

Increase income with livestock grazing on cover crops

FAQs about Carbon by Indigo

Neither Indigo nor any of its affiliates makes any representations, warranties or guarantees as to any specific results or outcomes, including, without limitation, with respect to soil health outcomes or any minimum amount of greenhouse gasses sequestered or number of carbon credits generated. Participation in Carbon by Indigo is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the program contained in the applicable enrollment agreement. Any payments under Carbon by Indigo are subject to multi-year vesting and are contingent on continued long-term maintenance of regenerative agricultural practices and soil carbon levels. All Carbon Credits generated are subject to buffer pool holdbacks required by third-party crediting; participants will not receive payments for such holdback. Not available in all areas.

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